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Here at TS Engineering our superfinishing process is fast becoming a consistently used process within many areas throughout motorsport.

We can provide a reliable service with fast turnaround times.

superfinish example 2

Superfinishing benefits

With this engineered finish we can provide a surface that will give the following benefits:

Increased Component Life

Reduced wear and increased durability.


Reduced Friction

A proven increase in performance. Increased power efficiency.

Reduced Contact Stress

Cooler operating temperatures.

Superfinishing to 0.03 Ra

Dependant upon the quality of the starting finish. Super Accurate tolerances.

Superfinishing Pricing Guide

Prices shown below form a good guide into the cost of the process. Please contact us for an accurate quote with your requirements.

Gearbox: £175

Camshaft: £175

Crankshaft: From £175

Camshaft and Crankshaft: £280


Individual items are always welcome, these start at:

£12 per item (per gear)

£20 per Ratio together for example


  • All prices include VAT (currently @20%)
  • These prices are based on parts being in a state ready to superfinish.
  • Additional prices are available for preparation prior to superfinishing using our in house processes or other methods required.
  • We are happy to strip / assemble components in our sub assembly department and we can quote accordingly.

Superfinishing Examples

Here’s a small selection of recent superfinishing projects…

superfinish example 1
superfinish example 2
superfinish example 3
superfinish example 4