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Dry blasting

The dry blasting is a process that uses air and media (no water) to clean a surface, this is also referred to as Bead blasting, Sand Blasting or Shot Blasting.

Used primarily in more heavily corroded metals in paint preparation, we use this process time and time again on chassis components such as subframes, wishbones and steel motorbike chassis.

Many parts that seen to be beyond use again can be bought back to life using our processes.

We can use this process to reduce machining marks and produce finishes which are required by the customer. Also used to clean materials.

This process is perfect as a preparation for painting or other coatings such as Powder Coating etc.

We use different medias to suit different applications and finishes such as:

  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Glass Beed
  • Crushed Glass
  • Plastic medias

All can be used on their own or as a combination to get the right result for your application.

We are always trying new medias to get some great finishes so please contact us with your requirements.

Dry blasting Examples

Here’s a small selection of recent vapour blasting projects…